Growth Systems is a data company,
purpose-built for the marketers and advertiser’s.

We use exclusive intent data and technology to create relevant and timely advertising campaigns that produce rich customer insights


A Unique Approach

We have the ability to pier into search behavior,
social interactions and purchases on any page of the web.

We Answer Questions

What are the shopping intents?

An intent is a search or price-comparison for a specific product or service i.e. Google search for a Macbook pro or price-comparing a Fossil watch. The intent tells us the user is genuinely interested in the product and Aetuim captures every single data point from intent to purchase.

What are the user demographics?

Is statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it. Like Age, Income, gender, etc. Aetuim breaks down all purchases by specific demographics which then pin points the exact demographic for a specific brand, product or social game.

Why do they purchase here?

Avada’s meta options make it easy to customize your content for each page, blog, portfolio or FAQ post. Apply sliders, backgrounds, colors, icons, sidebars to name a few.

We monitor the complete path to purchase… with gender, age, ethnicity and average income